The telecommunications sector never rests and as such the technology driving the communications we all use is constantly evolving. The core aspects of the UK’s telecommunications network has for a long period rested upon slow, fixed line copper cabling that simply cannot offer more speed or capacity. CASS are leading the way in developing and building new high speed fibre infrastructure.

What We Do

More recently the UK has seen a major step up to improve the fixed telecom network and here we see the UK’s core network moving far more to Fibre.
Developments to enhance telecoms for everyone in the UK is underway with massive investment in the telecom sector.
Here the term ‘Fibre City’ is seen as part of the network development and this includes both residential (FTTH) and premises for business (FTTP).

Telecoms at CASS

At CASS we meet the demand for upgrading the UK’s telecom infrastructure to fibre. We have great experience in establishing new fibre networks from initial survey right through to activation and commissioning a new network. CASS has proven capability in Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and also Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and with multiple field teams working daily CASS offers full turnkey services as the UK telecom networks move into the next generation of fibre build.

Both traditional Communication Providers (such as Openreach) and the new venture private network build sector leans upon support from CASS to realise the new fibre installations. With over 23 years experience on the Openreach network and significant investment at CASS to be able to field resources to build new modern private fibre networks CASS is at the forefront of the modern network build in the UK.

Our very long term contracts on the legacy UK telecom network has enabled CASS to gain an enviable reputation as a key field services contracting business. Our reinvestment in CASS and the development of the CASS Training Academy is a major part of how CASS has been able to grow to take on new contracts. Here the CASS Training Academy allows us to enhance skills held by long term works at CASS and also to bring in novices and those new to the sector so they can be trained to learn new modern telecom skills. This approach of self supporting our growth is a proven way to develop enlarged field workforces in line with new contract and project commitments.

The work we complete now includes not just the FTTH Fibre City network build but also our key support to the private network Fibre operators and Data centres. Here the private fibre operators are connecting new networks for many businesses thus offering high speed superfast connectivity not currently easy to obtain. CASS work with many new network build operators to physically build the underground and overhead cable infrastructure needed.

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