At Cass, we establish your needs and identify the best possible solution for the job. We will then manage the installation of all of the components, freeing up your companies resources giving you peace-of-mind.  

Planning and Design

At Cass, we offer a comprehensive planning and design service, which takes into account your company requirements, as well as the size of the business. In order to develop a telecommunication system, which caters for your daily business, as well as allowing the flexibility for expansion. We work with you to create a bespoke system that's right for you.

Project Management

At Cass, our team of highly trained specialists work with you to become a seamless part of your team. Managing the project from start to finish, we ensure a bespoke solution, delivered on time, within budget. What's more, We offer a nationwide white label installation and maintenance service - approaching end user on your behalf as an extension of your own company.

Sales (Cable, Components and Consumables)

Cass offer sales of cable, components and consumable related products required for the supply installation, preparation, termination and testing of copper conductor and optical fibre related cabling systems in major industry sectors covering internal and external applications.

With industry specific professionals responsible for fibre, telecoms, data and electrical disciplines we have the necessary in-house skills and experience to assist clients in identifying specific products to match the correct application and understand the customers exacting requirements as defined by their markets.  

Testing and Commissioning

Once we've installed your bespoke telecommunication solution, we will test the system and ensure that you are happy with it. All of the equipment used is fully-serviced and has a valid Calibration Certificate where apllicable to ensure that it runs at optimum standard. We are also happy to provide system maintenance to ensure that it the system maintains optimum standards.