Fibre optics have revolutionised the way we communicate today.  The days of copper wiring are limited and here at Cass, fibre optics play a large part in all of our networking. 

Although its higher cost can be prohibitive for desktop applications, fibre optic cabling provides a high security link, with immunity from electromagnetic interference (EMI). It is also the solution for inter-building links and other connections beyond the maximum 90m for Category 5e copper cabling.

We are a Corporate Member of the Fibre optics Industry Association ( FIA ) and offer a full range of fibre optic services including Fusion Splicing, Jointing & Termination of both multimode & Singlemode fibre cables.

We also offer the added service of copper wiring replacement and removal.  



The Telecommunications industry is constantly changing, fiber optic cabling is replacing cooper wire as a means of network interfacing and signal transmission, and rightfully so. Fiber solutions have many advantages over systems totally based on copper. Optical Fiber Cabling offers benefit in the areas of increased Speed, larger bandwidth, further distance capability, greater resistance to electromagnetic forces, and cost effective maintenance. You can clearly see why implementing Fiber Optic solutions is vital to development of our industry.

At Final Mile Technologies we are experts at upgrading network infrastructure, integrating fiber into existing copper systems to enhance your network performance. Cass utilizes conventional and blown, indoor and outdoor, Single and multimode, dark and light fiber to deploy a solution that will result in a concise network, capable of meeting the needs of the future.


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